We are Audience Republic

Our mission is to help event promoters increase ticket sales, and to get closer to their fans in the process.

How we got the gig

It’s no accident that we got helping promoters increase ticket sales. Jared Kristensen, our CEO and former event promoter himself, knows more than most the perils of running an event. After losing $20k on a gig that didn’t set the world on fire, he set out to find a better way to promote events and like a phoenix, Audience Republic was born.

This is what we believe

Nothing beats word of mouth

As every promoter knows, fans are much more likely to buy a ticket to an event if their friends are going. Nothing beats word of mouth; it’s the powerful sales channel at the heart of Audience Republic.

You should own your data

Your audience is valuable. Don’t rely on social media platforms to manage your relationship. Own your data, rather than being at the mercy of ever-changing news feed algorithms and cash-hungry boosted posts.

Loyalty should be rewarded

Like vinyl, what goes around, comes around. More than good karma, we believe the people that help you most, should be rewarded. That’s why we help you reward your most loyal fans.

Customers are friends

We treat our customers as friends, not as money. Promoters have it hard enough as it is. We’re here to help you get the results you’re looking for. Because when the lights go up, your success is our success.

This is our team

Jared Kristensen

CEO & Co-Founder

Jason MacLulich

CTO & Co-Founder

Sorrel Osborne

Head of Commercial/Operations

Brad Couper

Board Member

Mark Gustowski

Board Member

Chris Woods

Account Executive

Bri Willis

Account Manager

Elenja Harris

Account Executive

Justin Setareh

Account Executive

Erik Driscoll

Account Executive

Robert Kwan


Messi Yang


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