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All your customer data, in one place

Put your data to use, to help you sell more tickets. Get all your customer data in one place — including your ticket sales data, email subscribers & registrations from Audience Republic campaigns.

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Easily import the data you already have

Connect the platforms you use to automatically sync your contacts, or manually import them as a CSV file.

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Create & save filters to target your fans

Target your attendees with filters, helping you sell more tickets by running targeted Facebook ads, email blasts, messages and reports.

Filter your audience
Create saved filters for targeting
Direct message fans, create emails or run ads

Tag your attendees to personalize your marketing

You can apply tags to your contacts, which could be genres, locations, high value customers, influencers or event brands.

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Get to know your fans with customer profiles

Everything you need to know about your fans — including how much they’ve spent on tickets to your events, which of your events they’ve attended & their contact info.

Export & download your data at anytime

You own your data and it’s can always be exported from Audience Republic as a CSV.

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