Amplify your ticket sales

Audience Republic helps you sell more tickets for your event. Set up campaigns to make your event go viral, driving sales to your existing ticketing provider.

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Sell more tickets

Getting the right people to your event requires the knowledge and the tools to get the job done right. That’s what Audience Republic is for.


Make your presale go viral

Fans increase chances of getting limited presale tickets by referring friends & following.


Make your competitions go viral

Fans increase their chances of winning a prize giveaway by sharing the competition & following.


Get your fans to spread the word

Fans who have already purchased tickets are incentivised with prizes to invite their friends to buy.


Get more views on your event video

Fans share your video & for every friend who watches, it increases their chance of winning a prize.

free events

Amplify your free event

Fans increase their chances of getting their hands on limited free tickets by referring their friends & following.

waiting lists

Collect more data

Fans increase chances of getting limited sold out tickets by referring friends & following.

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Understand your audience

Audience Republic gives you one place to store your customer data. Import sales data from your ticketing agencies and interest/demographic data from social media platforms. This allows you to create segments, track loyalty and identify influencers.


Our tools integrate with all major ticketing platforms. All payments & ticketing are handled by your preferred ticketing provider.

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