Key benefits

Build your database

Grows your email database and social following, which you can then use to drive them to purchase tickets.

Collect powerful insights

Through the process, collect valuable data on fans, like demographics, interests & top artists.

Build awareness

Fans share your event, amplifying awareness and getting everyone talking about it.

How the Competition works

Fans earn points, with the highest point scorers winning a prize.

Set up your Competition, choose your prize

Easily set up your Competition in minutes, and choose the prize (or prizes) you’re offering.

Promote across your channels

You promote the Competition link across your promotional channels, for example your Facebook, Instagram, email, press and paid advertising.

Fans enter the Competition

The simple entry process means fans can get to work and start earning points right away. If they connect with Facebook, you’ll pull in even more information about them.

Fans share

Fans share the Competition with their friends on social media, scoring points for each action and increasing their chances of winning.

Fans invite

Fans invite their friends directly to enter the Competition using their unique link, earning points for each friend that enters.

Fans connect

As fans connect their social accounts, you’ll get access to powerful data like age, gender, location, interests, number of social media followers and favorite artists.

To unlock powerful insights from this data, check out Audience Manager

Fans follow

Grow your following by incentivizing fans to follow, like and subscribe across social media.

Notify the winner

At the end of the competition period, we tell you who the winner (or winners) are, and you can reach out to them directly.

Share, invite & follow

Fans can share and invite their friends, as well as follow you across social media on all major social channels, which include...

Instagram Logo


Fans can follow your Instagram account (coming soon!)

Facebook Logo


Fans can share on Facebook, as well as like your Facebook page.

Spotify Logo


Fans can follow artists and playlists.

Snapchat Logo


Fans can follow your Snapchat account.

YouTube Logo


Fans can follow your YouTube channel.

Twitter Logo


Fans can share on Twitter, as well as follow you on Twitter.

Facebook Messenger Logo

Facebook Messenger

Fans can invite their friends using Facebook Messenger.

SMS Logo


Fans can invite their friends using SMS.

WhatsApp Logo


Fans can invite their friends using WhatsApp.

Key features

Each campaign is different, but they all share some key features.

Audience Manager

To visualize this data and gain insights, check out Audience Manager

We play nicely with all major ticketing platforms

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