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11 Ways Live Events Can Use SMS Marketing

Jun 25, 2019by Chris WoodsMusic Tech

Learn some key ways that SMS marketing can help your event

Facebook Custom Audiences: A Guide for Music Festivals and Concert Promoters

May 29, 2019by Bri WillisInsights

Event SMS Marketing: Are You Missing Out?

May 8, 2019by Chris WoodsInsights

4 Ways to Use Your Ticket Sales Data to Sell More Tickets

May 6, 2019by Elenja HarrisInsights

Find out how to unlock the value in the data you already have.

Changes to the Facebook News Feed Algorithm: What Does it Mean for Music Festivals?

Feb 9, 2018by Jared KristensenInsights

How festivals can survive and thrive off the back of Facebook's recent changes

Blockchain: How It Can Help Artists Get Paid

Jan 28, 2018by Jared KristensenMusic Tech

And also WTF is it?

The Rise of the Genre-less Music Fan

Jan 28, 2018by Jared KristensenInsights

The boundaries between genres have fallen away. What does this mean for music festivals?

Going from Music Criticism to Music Journalism: How It Changed the Music Industry

Jan 25, 2018by Jared KristensenInsights

The fans have changed, and artists need to change along with them to stay relevant -- or find comfort in being forgotten.

Festival Merch Done Right: How To Make Great Merch – And How To Sell It

Jan 23, 2018by Chris WoodsInsights

How Full Moon Festival went above and beyond, to create festival merch that people will actually wear. This is not your standard festival merch...

Artificial Intelligence, Making Music Since 1958: The Journey From Then to Today

Dec 17, 2017by Jared KristensenMusic Tech

Can artificial intelligence make music that's actually worth listening to?

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